Digital Marketing – Post-lockdown backup for your business

  • Digital Marketing – Post-lockdown backup for your business

    Digital Marketing – Post-lockdown backup for your business

    The current lockdown is a transitioning phase of everyone’s life that something the world has never witnessed before. The pandemic has already turned our lifestyle a lot. More than four months under lockdown, to the battle of the coronavirus epidemic, we learned a distinctive vision of the world. Meanwhile, maintaining the hygiene practices, social distancing, and focusing on savings everything has become the “new normal.” Another transformation that occurs due to the lockdown; is that habitual things have changed like cinema halls, shopping malls, parks, and restaurants. Yes, of course, we can correct it – its recreation. 

    During the lockdown, people have welcomed digital media like never before. According to the Google report published in, “Always-on search” has become an established habit for Indian consumers as they sit at the center of an unending stream of information. The report reveals companies are tending to use digital platform actively, also, individuals are spending excessive time in surfing social media. Since lockdown, the usage of smartphones is exceeded to 4.5 hours per day within 3 weeks. Also, overall data usage for online video has touched limits of 70%. 2.5x growth in searches “python” has caused it to become the fastest-growing programming languages ever. Also, 3x growth is observed in “data science” and “machine learning” related searches over 2019-2020.  

    Naturally, we can say it’s high time for businesses to grasp this opportunity and guide more brand clarity and consciousness. As a business person, you shouldn’t only go through the above lines because most of the learned and experienced digital marketing service providers are approving it. So, for this, let’s get into some logical reason first. 

    Just have a look at Traditional Advertisement Media.


    • Newspaper – 

    Do you recollect, when was the last time you read the newspaper? Some of us can say today, or a while, or maybe three to four months ago. This is the thing where exactly we are hitting at. However, newspaper houses are still running regularly. In the absence of print media, newspapers people are turning themselves to e-medium, newspapers, or digital news channels to keep an eye on current affairs. Therefore, from the perspective of business owners, print media is more a considerable platform to relinquish the audience. Preferably, the digital platform will help purchasers to reach a wider audience.


    • Television – 

    Yes, of course, people are watching television during the lockdown more than usual. But there’re two elements of advertising as buying and approaching the audience. Promoting on television empowers you to reach the mass, but as an owner, you should be aware of the bucks you’ve to pay for it! According to report of LiveMint, the global advertising rate has been increased by 3.9% over 2020, and it is predicted that growth will be continued for future years. As you can understand, you’ll have to pay a lot to promote your business on television media. 

    Further, you can’t be able to track the success of this advertising effort. On the other hand, digital media is the best optimum choice to popularize your brand with cost-effective. Here, we can track user behaviour, can modify your campaign, can also change strategy, and enhance user engagement. 

    Digital marketing has increased beyond expectations and brands should be there to catches the users’ attention, and create a bond with them. We have given you some reasonable points to have digital marketing.

    Bottom line – 

    Well, as we can say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Search engine optimization and social media optimization, along with personalized service, may prove to be your most effective armaments if you want to manage with today’s uncertain times. These will help you only to enhance uniquely and engage with a diverse range of audiences but create a sustainable bond with the consumers; thereby, it will be helping your business.

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